Does the ROTOR have inbuilt air filters? eg. Hepa Filter

Ian -

The ROTOR does NOT come with an inbuilt air filtering system.

As standard the ROTOR is fitted with UV sterilisation and a protective screen. Although not sealed this does prevent most airborne contamination getting to the plates.

The fact that the ROTOR pins at such a high speed and the Plus Plate Lids are only removed long enough for the pinning to take place, reduces the risk of contamination considerably.

The customer can put the RoToR into a Laminar Air Flow system. The customer is responsible for the manufacture and installation of a Laminar Flow System. They should be aware of the size of the system it requires, the weight it supports, and how difficult it might be to operate once the ROTOR is inside.

Of over 100 ROTOR's installed around the world we know of only 2 which are used inside Laminar Air Flow Systems

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