TeamViewer - Remote Access

Ian -

TeamViewer will work with any Operating System assuming that the IT department at the customer end is happy for the equipment to be connected to their network.

Attached to this document is a file called TeamViewerQS.exe (also as a compressed version). Download this onto a USB data key. Plug the USB key into the Machine Control Interface (MCI) either laptop or touchscreen depending on your equipment.

Connect the MCI to the network using a standard network cable.

There are a number of methods for accessing the file on the data key:

  1. When you plug in the USB key it may offer a small menu asking if you want to open the folder to view the files
  2. Run Windows Explorer - best method from a laptop.
  3. Turn on the MCI
    1. Connect a USB keyboard to a free USB port on the MCI
    2. Wait for Windows to finish loading
    3. Press <ALT> + <CRTL> + <DEL> to open the “Windows Security” window
    4. Select “Task Manager
    5. Wait for the task manager to load
    6. Select the “Applications” tab
    7. Select “New Task…” (This option can also be found in File->New Task (Run…))
    8. Wait for the “Create New Task” window to load
    9. In the “Open:” box type: "explorer"
    10. Click “OK”

Navigate to the USB Drive

Run the file you downloaded earlier "TeamViewerQS.exe".

After a short time you will receive a screen as shown below. Please send this information to the Singer Instruments Technician which will allow them to connect to your MCI.

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