Singer Instruments Statement Regarding Disruption to services Worldwide

Ian -

Re: Covid-19

Our thoughts are with our collaborators and customers during this trying time. We are all hoping for a quick resolution and recovery. 

Due to the effects of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we are experiencing delays to logistics, travel, and attending installations worldwide. 

We will continue to support remotely. In the unlikely event hardware changes need to be made, we will offer instruction in a way that will not affect the instruments’ warranty. 

We are monitoring the situation closely, and aim to resume regular service to our customers as soon as logistical and travel restrictions have been lifted. 

Singer Instruments and its employees are practising social distancing in line with the latest guidance locally [UK] and any visitors to HQ will also be required to comply. Where applicable, we will follow customers' local guidance, this should be communicated to us beforehand.

We will keep you updated with any changes as soon as we are aware of them. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us 

Kind regards,

Dr. Harry Singer

Managing Director 

For and on behalf of Singer Instruments.

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