Customer Feedback - March 2019

Ian -

Ian provided us with an amazing service today, addressed the issues we were having beyond the booked service we required. He also provided us with additional support by having a look at our cleaving system/blade. All in all he was super helpful and informative giving us some update on some upcoming software updates that may aid in alleviating some issues we currently have. Thank you so much. Kind Regards, Samuel Dada

 Requester  Toluwanimi Samuel Dada
 Lab/ Country  Karen Sarkisyan - London UK
Product  PIXL
Agent  Ian


 The support was excellent!

 Requester  Carmen Castro Pichel
 Lab/ Country  Sergio Moreno - Salamanca, Spain
Product  MSM - Zapper
Agent  Ashley


 Ian has been very helpful and provided helpful information

 Requester  Cristina Martin
 Lab/ Country  Jurg Bahler - London, UK
Product  ROTOR
Agent  Ian


 So incredibly helpful! Prompt and detailed responses.

 Requester  Mikala Capage
 Lab/ Country  Frank Stahl - Oregon, USA
Product  MSM 200
Agent  Ian


 Great service, thank you. Prompt response and delivered without delay. Kind regards, Lana

 Requester  Lana Strmecki
 Lab/ Country  Tim Humphrey
Product  MSM 300
Agent  Ashley Scanlon




 Lab/ Country  


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