Can the computer operating system be updated??

Ian -

The ROTOR software has been designed to run on a Microsoft Windows touchscreen computer. If the touchscreen is being used as a standalone control interface then this should not cause the user any problems. Our software is backward compatible to Windows XP.

We are aware that some companies demand that any computers must have the latest operating system as a method of protecting all their systems from viruses etc.. This is even more important when the customer wants to connect the computer to the network. 

If the customer would like to update the operating system on their touchscreen and they / their IT department are prepared to perform the update, then Singer Instruments will be happy to provide a current, installable version of the ROTOR software. This can be installed by the customer, after the operating system update, by running the install software from a USB data key. 

If the customer has an up-to-date service agreement a Singer Instruments Technician will be happy to install the ROTOR software remotely once the operating system has been updated using TeamViewer as a remote access tool. 

There is also the option for the customer to install the software on an up-to-date laptop computer. At the time of writing the ROTOR software runs well on Microsoft Windows 10, 64 bit. The laptop computer does not need to have a high specification. It is possible to use the touchscreen functionality provided on some laptops.

As the software is intended for a touchscreen computer if the laptop does not have this ability then a configuration file will need to be altered. Please contact Singer Instrument technical support for more information. It is possible to temporarily show the mouse cursor which works as long as the software is running. Press the keys <Ctrl>+<Alt>+c 

The ROTOR software will not run on a standard Macintosh (laptop or iMac) unless it is partitioned to run Windows software.

Singer Instruments are not responsible for problems caused by operating system updates or any charges incurred.

Singer Instruments can recommend laptop specifications but it is the responsibility of the customer to purchase and prepare it for use.

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