Customer Feedback - July/ August 2018

Ian -

Thanks for helping us through the repair process. I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm going to say it again as well - you guys are the absolute best in the business for service and customer support.
 Requester Dr Shawn French 
 Lab/ Country  McMasters University, Canada
 Product ROTOR
 Agent Ian, Ashley, Stuart


"As always, Ashley was very helpful."
 Requester Hader Meyer 
 Lab/ Country Schuldiner Lab, Israel
 Product Serial Filler
 Agent Ashley


"It was great. Does Ian ever sleep? Thanks!" & "Spot on and fast!"
 Requester Pete Lefebvre
 Lab/ Country University of Minnesota, USA
 Product Stinger & Cartridge
 Agent Ian & Ashley


"Great support - thank you!"
 Requester Bob St. Onge
 Lab/ Country Stanford University, USA
 Product Stinger
 Agent Ashley


"Support was excellent. I got an answer that enable me to fix the machine in a very short time"
 Requester Sivan Kaminski
 Lab/ Country Weizmann Inst, Israel
 Product MSM Manual
 Agent Ashley








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