Can I re-use the consumables?

Ian -

Plus Plates & Repads

  • The PlusPlates and RePads are not recommended for re-use. We supply them in sterile packaging intended for one use only to reduce any possibilities of contamination.
  • Autoclaving can cause these consumables to deform.
  • Washing and bleaching is a method that can be used but obviously this can affect the sterility. If this is done repeatedly it is also likely that the accuracy of these consumables will affected.
  • If there are problems using the ROTOR which could be related to these consumables being re-used these consumables should be disposed of and replaced with new ones..

Please Note: Any damage caused to the ROTOR through the use of re-used consumables may not be covered by any support contracts.

Stinger Pins

  • Stinger pins are designed to be re-used multiple times.
  • They can be autoclaved both in and out of the cartridge.
  • If autoclaving in the cartridge remove the bottom of the tray to expose the tips of the pins.
  • Some customers have found that using a brush on the tips before autoclaving improves the cleaning process. 
  • They are made from medical grade stainless steel so it is quite safe to use regular laboratory chemicals and bleaches to assist with cleaning.
  • While cleaning check the pins to ensure that none of the tips are bent or damaged in any way.

Please Note : Replacement pins can be purchased from Singer Instruments.

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