Secomea - MCI's running XP

Ian -

Older MCI's (Machine Control Interface's) on MSM's and ROTOR's used the XP Operating System. This included touch screen and laptop computers. Although the touch screen operating system is actually Windows 2009 Embedded it still looks like the XP operating system. For this reason IT departments are quite rightly refusing to put the MCI's onto their network.

There are two answers to this problem.

  1. Update the MCI's to a newer touch screen MCI which is running Windows 7. 
  2. Purchase an Industrial Router SiteManager Unit - there will be discounts applied for customers who have a current support contract. 

 SiteManager 1149

"The SiteManager™ 1149 establishes access to the Internet through
the firewall of the existing wired network infrastructure, or wirelessly by the integrated WiFi option."

The unit is "security certified according to the highest industry standards of the industry, performed by the independent security organisation ProtectEM GmbH in Germany in close cooperation with the
Deggendorf Institute of Technology."

The important point is that it does not matter what operating system is running on the MCI this unit will talk to it but will provide up to date security as far as the network is concerned.

For more information about the SiteManager 1149 please follow the link.


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