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Ian -

As part of the support package our customers are offered 'Remote Support'. As well as phone, email, Skype etc.. we offer 'Remote Access' for our products that are fitted with computers.

As Microsoft Windows has updated through the years it has become more difficult to be able to connect to our customers Singer Instruments Products. 

For this reason we have moved over to a new system called Secomea which is an industry standard system with no restrictions on Operating System. The beauty is that the computer is not necessarily connected to the internet directly.

Customers now have 3 alternatives

  1. For customers who do have permission for their equipment to be put on the network we now use TeamViewer and will require customers to run an install program before the technician is able to connect. For detailed instructions please go to this article.
  2. For our newer and upgraded machines the touchscreen is installed with Windows 10. These machines have an embedded Secomea system installed as currently there should be no issues with them being connected to the customers network. These machines can be accessed without the customer present after an initial setup procedure. 
  3. For machines still running XP either on touchscreen or laptops we can supply the customer with an industrial Router which connects to the internet via a local access port. This in turn connects to the touchscreen / laptop so there is no direct link to the network. The box can even run on a wireless network if preferred.

For more information about this system please see other documents in the 'Remote Access' section or go to the Secomea website or the TeamViewer website.


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