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This article explains the requirements for the ROTOR if using a laboratory mains air supply. There is a PDF version attached. 

The ROTOR requires a minimum of 6 Bar - 0.6 MPa - 87 psi.
The ROTOR has its own pressure valve which is set at 4.5 Bar - 0.45 MPa - 65 psi , but the supply pressure must be able to maintain a pressure above this.

The Air Supply should meet ISO 8573 standards. The specification is described in the ISO 8573 Compressed Air Quality document. The class required for the ROTOR is 2.6.3. Please see the highlighted notes in the appendix of the PDF document attached for an explanation.
A Membrane Drier is recommended which would enable your air supply to meet the correct specifications. The document of a particular IDG Membrane Drier is also attached to this article.
We recommend that all modifications to your air supply are made by qualified/ approved personnel.

Singer Instruments can supply 2 types of connector which will attach to the ROTOR to take the following tubing.
1. 6mm diameter tubing which is often used for compressors with quick connect fittings but can also be used with the correct fittings on a mains supply.
2. 8.5mm bore pneumatic tubing which requires a hose clip.

Connections to the mains supply and also to the connector are the responsibility of the customer.

Singer Instruments can supply 6mm tubing but the 8.5mm bore tubing and hose clips will be supplied by the customer.

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