Why can't I see many documents?

Ian -

We have 3 levels of entry to the site

1. Most of our articles are protected and are only available after signing up as a user. See the video for more information. This is the basic access.

2. To see more articles including some FAQ's and common problem sections we need to recognise you as a user. If you have been given a link you will already have this. See the video here for getting a password for first time access. If not you will need to contact Singer Instruments Technical Support. You must use the same email address when logging in as you use to email the Support Team. Once you have the password the video here explains how to login as a recognised user.

3. Even with log in approval some documents are only available after first contacting Singer Instruments Technical Support or submitting a request from the top of this page. You will be given time limited access to links sent to you by the Support Team.

This website is constantly being added to and we welcome your feedback or suggestions of missing articles. Please email Ian Morgan, Service Manager.



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 Singer Instruments Tech Support - Create User

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