Use of compounds with the ROTOR

Ian -

Below are examples of some questions we have been asked about using compounds on the ROTOR. There are references to papers which have been produced by 2 of our customers who have been using the ROTOR for a number of years.

Questions :

  1. Can you tell me if anyone has used your pads to apply compounds dissolved in water or DMSO to the surface of yeast agar plate
  2. Are there any recommendations for particular solvents, or other parameters?
  3. How uniform is the application volume from plate to plate?

Answers : Most chemical screens are done in liquid. Currently we don't know of any customers who transfer compounds from liquid onto plates. There are a few customers who use the ROTOR to pin liquids onto plates however.

Rodney Rothstein's group uses the ROTOR for spotting serially diluted cells. (Pubmed ID: 23589890)

Steve Oliver's group uses the ROTOR to transfer cells with different ethanol concentrations. (

In general liquid transfer is done by capillary action on the surface of the tips, which usually transfers around 100 nl +/- 15%. Rothstein's group have reported that the volume from the first transfer varies quite a bit. However, if you use the same repad for subsequent transfer, the volume becomes quite consistent and accurate.

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