Preparation for arrival

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Below is some basic information which will help to prepare for the installation of your ROTOR HDA. The PDF document attached also shows some dimensioned pictures.

Before our technician arrives

When your new ROTOR HDA arrives, do not unpack it! If possible, please place the packing case on the floor, near the bench where the ROTOR HDA is to be installed.

Bench Requirements

The ROTOR HDA is heavy! Weight: 110 kgs (240 lbs)

Length: 153 cm (60”) (includes MCI)

Depth: 64cm (25”)

Height: 76cm (30”)

Preparing Plates

In order to get the most effective use of the technician’s time with you, we suggest you pour as many of the new PlusPlates as you need for your work. For a demonstration only, 10 plates will do.

The ROTOR HDA senses the agar surface so agar thickness is not critical. The agar should be as flat as possible and poured carefully to minimize the edge meniscus. Do not pour the agar too hot to minimize plate distortion. Plates should be prepared 2-3 days in advance. Liquid medium must be put in 96-well Micro-Titre plates.

Air Supply

The ROTOR HDA requires compressed air. This can be supplied from a separate compressor, which Singer Instruments can provide, or by using the laboratories own air supply.

The ROTOR HDA requires a minimum of 6 Bar - 0.6 MPa - 87 psi. The ROTOR HDA has its own pressure valve which is set at approximately 4.5 Bar - 0..45 MPa - 65 psi , but the supply pressure must be able to maintain a pressure above this. If the customer prefers to use their own air supply Singer Instruments can supply a suitable air fitting for connection to the ROTOR. If required this can be sent to the customer in advance of the technician. Air supplied must be filtered to remove any contaminants and particularly any moisture.

If the ROTOR HDA is supplied with a compressor by Singer Instruments it will have the required filters fitted and be able to reach a maximum pressure of of 8 Bar - 0.8MPa - 116psi. During operation it will drop to 6 Bar at which point the compressor will recharge.

Electrical Supply

The ROTOR HDA requires 115V 60Hz or 230V 50Hz at 5 Amps. The supply must be earthed (grounded). We supply a suitable three-pin plug with mains cable which is 2m (78”) long. Our mains electricity supply cable plugs into the ROTOR HDA at the right-hand end when viewed from the front. 

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