What is the density range of the ROTOR?

Ian -

The ROTOR is able to pin at all densities from 96 to 6144 and above.  There is no software change required unless you have a very old software version. Please contact Singer Instruments for more details.  

Examples of pad densities available:

Pad Density Medium No per Box
96 Short Pin Solid 1000
96 Long Pin Liquid or Solid 200
384 Short Pin Solid 1000
384 Long Pin Liquid or Solid 200
1536 Short  Solid 1000
6144 Short Solid 1000

A new ROTOR will normally be supplied with what we call a Vari-Pack. That is a sample pack of all of the pad densities above apart from the 6144 short which are on request. 

The user can than decide from this which pad density they are likely to use and order boxes of just these pads.

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