What operating system is used on the MCI - touchscreens

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We have now moved to Windows 10 on all new ROTOR MCI's. MSM's are currently running on Windows 7 while we continue to test all features with Windows 10.
JUNE 2015 TO AUGUST 2016
For ROTORs and MSM's supplied after June 2015 the operating system will be Windows 7. If your ROTOR, or MSM, has been upgraded to a touchscreen MCI after June 2015 you will also have Windows 7 installed.
For ROTOR and MSM's supplied before June 2015 it is likely that your MCI is loaded with Windows Embedded Standard 2009. (Not XP Embedded). Windows Embedded Standard 2009 is an updated version of XPe. See below for the update from Wikipedia on support for this version of Windows.

Wikipedia explanation... 
Windows Embedded Standard (2009) is the updated version of Windows XP Embedded, the fully componentized version of Windows XP Professional and the successor to Windows NT 4.0 Embedded. It provides the full Win32 API and is available for x86 processors.[2] Windows Embedded Standard 2009 includes Silverlight, .NET Framework 3.5,Internet Explorer 7, Windows Media Player 11, RDP 6.1, Network Access Protection, Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer and support for being managed by Windows Server Update Services and System Centre Configuration Manager.[3]
Microsoft has extended its support to for this Operating System until 2019. More information can be found here :  Microsoft Product LifeCycle
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