Using a syringe with a MK1

Ian -

To use a syringe with the MK1 it is assumed that you will be operating the syringe remotely and using our needles holder and tubing to connect to the syringe in question. It will not be possible to operate the plunger if held directly in the tool holder as there is too little room.

We supply a needle holder for the Mk1. The needle holder comes complete with 100 glass pipettes that would be heated and drawn to a fine point. These are held in a hollow needle holder gripped by a ferule and rubber 'O' rings.

We also supply a syringe delivery kit that connects to the needle holder tube and this is held on a stand with a micrometer control for accurate delivery. All parts are auto-clavable and the syringe is a glass type and reusable. Some users will fill the syringe and tube with silicone oil (non-compressive) and draw up the required injection quantity into the needle/holder. Others will fill the whole system with inoculate for multiple injections and avoid compressive air bubbles.

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