Customer Feedback - August 2017

Ian -

"Extremely satisfied with all aspects of the service."
 Requester Dinindu Senanayake
 Product Stinger
 Agent Ian 


"Ben was very supportive and did an excellent job for many hours to try to figure out what was wrong with the PC we have here. He is the most patient (more than me for sure) tech support guy I ever worked with! Thanks a lot! Celia"
 Requester Celia Payen
 Product PhenoBooth / PhenoSuite
 Agent Ben


 Requester SpincoTech (India Distributors)
 Product MSM400 - Zapper
 Agent Ashley


"Singer Instruments did an excellent job in replacing a defective stage and handlebar. Since the Italian company that made the stage did not immediately reply to our requests, Singer Instruments took it upon them to help us out and provide us with a perfectly functioning stage and handlebar. Intervention by Singer Instruments limited the time lost and allowed us to proceed with our research. Greatly appreciated and top customer support!"
 Requester Peter De Wulf
 Product Motic Microscope (not SPorePlay)
 Agent Ian (although there were a lot of people involved in sorting this one out. Thanks should particularly go to Geoff Mold for chasing Motic.)


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