Supported Plate Types - Serial Filler

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A small number of our customers have reported issues with their Serial Filler. On further inspection it was shown that sub-standard plates used were quite often the cause. The following document explains the cause and also a link to our recommended, tested plates.


The list of recommended plate types can be found here:  Supported Plate Types


We have a list of good quality SBS and Petri dishes that we have tested in the Serial Filler that do not cause failures. There are other plates on the market which meet dimensional specifications but unfortunately they can fall short of the quality needed for automation.

We have done some exhaustive tests with the Serial Filler on all SBS and Petri dishes that meet the same standard with regard to quality manufacture. It performs flawlessly with these, producing level and flat agar, free of bubbles.

We have tested plates that have been sent to us by customers that were having problems. These plates were sub-standard and hot agar caused distortion and failure.

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